Open spaces in the neighborhood – user-related room qualities

  Green space in front of residential buildings  

Open spaces in the neighborhood - user-related room qualities. Guidelines for the housing stock of the City of Aachen and gewoge Aachen

The focus of this study is the quality of open space uses in the neighborhood in the everyday life of the users. Previous experiences in dealing with open spaces in neighborhoods and the results of two case studies in the housing stock of the city of Aachen will form the basis for a transferable guideline to secure and develop user-related open space qualities in the living environment. The services included a standardized survey of residents, interviews with experts and key persons, a workshop, and the creation of a "guideline".


Project information

  1. Client City of Aachen/gewoge AG
  2. Project leaders Chair of Planning Theory and Urban Development, RWTH Aachen: Gisela Schmitt, Ulrike Sommer, Carolin Wiechert
  3. Project timeframe May to November 2014
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