Experimental Workshop | Housing transforms the Innercity | June 2022

  Graphic of a workshop table Copyright: © Helena Schulte  

Experimental workshop | June 21st, 2022 | 1pm – 6pm | Pop-Up Campus | Aachen

The research network Making of Housing invites you to develop approaches for new forms of inner city housing, to identify experimental fields, to define solutions ‘beyond the standard’ and to win partners and comrades-in-arms for ideas and projects.

In cooperation with

  • Stadt Aachen
  • ACademie
  • Baukultur NRW
  • Netzwerk Innenstadt NRW
  • VdW Rheinland Westfalen

Housing transforms the inner city – experimentation works!

Our inner cities need impulses through new uses and routines. Inner cities in transition also offer the opportunity to try things out and to experiment. Housing is a basic urban function and the starting point for social interaction, spatial appropriation and social commitment. The residential function can diversify and stabilize inner cities as well as it can help to develop more solidary city centers. Housing transforms the city center – provided that the heart of the city offers the possibility to experiment.

The conversion of our inner cities provide the chance to develop experimental spaces for essential transformation issues of housing in our society.

  • Future in stock
  • Perspectives of sufficiency
  • New neighborhoods
  • Development of inner city housing in terms of common good


12:00 pm arrival, get-together, snack
01:00 pm introduction
01:30 pm inner city and housing | needs and potential of experimentation
02:30 pm experimenting in rounds | reconnecting ideas, impulses, partners
04:30 pm reflection, conclusion & appeal | new perspectives for inner city housing
06:00 pm end of the workshop

Get involved in the development and experimentation of new inner city housing!

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Registration to Helena Schulte via moh@pt.rwth-aachen.de