Impressions | Re Making of Innercity Housing Workshop | October 2021

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Impressions | Re Making of Innercity Housing | October 2021

The research network organized a one-day networking conference on October 25, 2021 and invited partners in the housing- and real estate-, and construction industry together with finance, socially and neighborhood-oriented agencies and operators as well as sovereign responsible persons in the federal government, states and municipalities. The aim was to explore the correlation between future housing issues and the inner-city development.

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First part | Panel discussion

  • BDA Berlin | Julia Dahlhaus
  • Netzwerk Innenstadt NRW | Jens Imorde
  • Verband der Wohnungswirtschaft NRW | Oliver Niermann

Second part | City Workshops

  • Pair of medium-sized cities | Coburg & Geseke
  • Pair of smaller big cities | Cottbus & Solingen & Aachen
  • Pair of big cities | Bremen & Frankfurt

Third part | Reflection and final statements

  • Technische Hochschule Lübeck | Prof. Dr. Marcus Menzl
  • Deutscher Städtetag | Dr. Timo Munzinger
  • Stein Stadt- und Regionalplanung | Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ursula Stein

Panel discussion

Moderated by Prof. Dr. Agnes Förster and Prof. Dr. Jan Polivka, Julia Dahlhaus, Jens Imorde and Olivier Niermann discussed the extent to which housing can have a positive effect on strengthening inner-cities and their central areas and which setting is needed so that inner-city and housing define each other mutually.

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City workshops

Based on three different pairs of medium-sized cities, smaller big cities and big cities, the network debated together with invited partners the framework conditions and challenges, as well as the potential of change and innovation of ‘Remaking of Innercity Housing’.

Reflection and final Statements

Following the city workshops, three prominent guests from the field reflected on the central potentials and challenges of ‘Re Making of Innercity Housing’ in a sharp concluding round. From the courage to experiment alternative living models, to the potential change throughout individualized living requirements, to new formats of co-creation of the city, various suggestions for urban planning came into play.

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For the upcoming year 2022, MoH builds on the so far accumulated experience and dedicates to the correlation of the housing issue and the topic of health and well-being. Besides different follow-up activities, the next conference on the subject of ‘Healthy Living Environments’ is planned for autumn 2022.


Impressions of the online workshop