New forms of housing in the district of Euskirchen

  Exposition walls with architecture plans Copyright: © Jan Polivka  

Exhibition "New forms of living in the district of Euskirchen"

In the context of the Alliance for Housing in the district of Euskirchen, a study project was carried out from October 2019 to July 2020 by the Chair of Sustainable Housing Development and the Chair of Urban Design at the Faculty of Architecture of RWTH Aachen University on the topic of "New forms of housing in the district of Euskirchen". The ideas developed by the students were presented in the context of an exhibition from October 13-30, 2020 in the foyer of the Euskirchen District House.


Project information

  1. Cooperating partners Alliance for housing in the region of Euskirchen
  2. Project leaders Junior Professorship of Sustainable Housing Development, RWTH Aachen; Chair of Urban Design, RWTH Aachen
  3. Project timeframe October 2019 to July 2020