Housing forum RWTH

  The rendering shows the project "housing forum" Copyright: © Britta Schebesta  

Housing forum RWTH

As a university rich in tradition but also strong in research, RWTH Aachen University has become considerably more attractive over the past two decades. More and more foreign students as well as national and international guest scientists come to RWTH Aachen University to study or work on research projects. While students often stay for several years, the stay of guest scientists is usually limited to a few months. Up to now, the RWTH has only the guest house on the Königshügel for their accommodation, which, however, cannot cover the demand. A boarding house for temporary accommodation is to expand the range of services here and at the same time, by integrating public institutions, strengthen the interaction between the university and the city.

In addition to the functional aspects, the project should also make a significant contribution to upgrading the Mitte campus. Although the RWTH is one of Aachen's most important institutions, its structural-architectural links to the city in the area of Campus Mitte remain sparse in many places. The quality of the exterior space between the various university institutions is also below average in many places. The design of the boardinghouse therefore not only aims at creating high-quality residential architecture, but also includes an enhancement of the exterior space close to the building.


Project information

  1. Teaching Chair of Building Construction, RWTH Aachen: Prof. Hartwig Schneider, Dipl.-Ing. Jan Michel Hintzen, Dr.-Ing. Christian Schätzke; Chair of Housing and Basics of Design, RWTH Aachen: Prof. ir. Wim van den Bergh
  2. Project timeframe Wintersemester 2019/20
  3. Further information  Website of the Chair of Building Construction