Special types of housing

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Study: Special types of housing; short overview/project research "Special types of housing" in the context of the IBA Berlin 2020

This research and brief overview of the current state of research and discourse on "Special types of housing" was carried out as part of a commission from the Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing, Berlin. This study was based on a broad understanding of "special types of housing" - the possible value of this approach was to leave the well-worn tracks of a sufficiently published discourse on "types of co-living" and, despite a certain lack of clarity, to depict the topic of "different ways of housing" in a more complex way. The study shows the existing range of projects and tries to contribute to systematization.


Project information

  1. Client Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing Berlin
  2. Project leaders Chair of Planning Theory and Urban Development, RWTH Aachen: Gisela Schmitt, Dr. Sarah Ginski, Barbara Koller
  3. Project timeframe September 2012 bis February 2013
  4. Further information  PDF