Impressions | Re Making of Innercity Housing Workshop | October 2021

  Parisian Boulevard Copyright: © Helena Schulte

Workshop review & results | Re Making of Innercity Housing Networking Conference | October 2021

On October 25, 2021, the research network organized a one-day networking conference and invited external partners in the housing- and real estate-, and construction industry together with finance, socially and neighborhood-oriented agencies and operators as well as sovereign responsible persons in the federal government, states and municipalities. The aim was to explore and to discuss the correlation between future housing issues and the inner-city development in their political, sociological, economic and social context. The workshop enabled an exciting exchange of experiences on the subject of ‘Re Making of Innercity Housing’ – starting with a panel discussion, through city workshops to the final statements. Prominent guest speakers, town representatives and other participants from the research and the practice field debated practically and theoretically orientated solutions at the interfaces of the five perspectives – process, spatial development, building practice, living habits and programming.

Further information on the review as well as the results paper