Quartier4 – Summer workshop

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After a year of research in the project –District4 - New Instruments in the Neighborhood– we have our first results, a new repertoire of tools for the sustainable development of urban districts, together with our project partners and experts from various disciplines of research and practice for the first time used.

The starting point for the interactive session were selected districts of our project partners from administration and housing industry, who are confronted with different developments and challenges in these districts. Together with actors and teams who work on site and guests from various research disciplines, we wanted to get an impression of the condition in the neighborhoods and to exchange ideas about how the new toolbox can be used in a targeted manner to create a trigger for sustainable development.

The following quarters were worked on together in the working session:
Neue Vahr, Bremen
Western Bergheim, Heidelberg
Neumühlen-Dietrichsdorf, Kiel
Jettenhauser-Esch, Friedrichshafen
Finkenberg, Cologne

We would like to thank everyone involved for their commitment and suggestions!

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